Hans-Peter Siefen

Co-Founder of Nordic Business Forum

Invitation to Our Customers

The NBForum family has grown!

We acquired a 40.4% stake at Presidents Institute two days before Christmas last year. Presidents Institute is a Danish company, which employs 60 people and currently operates in Denmark, Benelux, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. Presidents Institute organizes a Presidents Summit twice a year in Copenhagen – one of the leading business conferences in the Nordics. Looking ahead, this acquisition will also make it possible for Nordic Business Forum customers to make more out of peer learning throughout the year.

On April 17th, Presidents Summit will host speakers such as former US President Bill Clinton, Costas Markides, professor Magnus Lindqvist, Carlsberg Group CEO Cees ’T Hart, and founder & co-chair of the Nike Foundation Maria Eitel, among others.

We have an exclusive offer for a special group of our customers who are interested in attending (and travel together to) this event in Copenhagen in April. 

As a customer of Nordic Business Forum (and for reading this page), you will receive a -20% discount on the event ticket price. You can make your way to Denmark by yourself or join our travel group from Finland. Our group will take the morning flight by Finnair on April 17th, and some will fly back on the same evening, some the following morning. Once we arrive, our group will visit one of the leading Danish businesses, i.e. Carlsberg, Maersk or Novo Nordisk, before making our way to the Summit. The exact business will be decided once our travel group is assembled (we will tailor the visit to a company that would benefit you the most!)

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NBF customers get a -20% discount code that will reduce the price from €1199 to only €960. Fill in the form below to generate the discount code which can be applied in Presidents Institute’s store.
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