WELCOME TO THE SECOND DAY – Nordic Business Forum 2017

Day 1 of Nordic Business Forum 2017 in Helsinki, Finland. On October 2.-3., over 7,500 CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs gathered under one roof for two days at the Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Center. Here are the highlights from DAY 1. Enjoy! http://nbforum.com http://twitter.com/nbforumhq http://instagram.com/nbforumhq http://facebook.com/nbforum.fi VIDEO PRODUCTION: Vita Pictura (www.vitapictura.ee) Serj Rimma – Producer Georgius Misjura – Director Randel Pomber – Video Editor Maksim Kazmirevski – DOP#1 Robert Parelo – DOP#2 Tofik Mamedov – DOP#3 Jarkko Jortikka – DOP#4 Jussi Paakkinen – Camera Assistant Dmitry Natalevich – Sound Engineer Aleksei Kulikov – Interview Camera Operator Vesku Matara – Interviews Executive Producer – Tuomas Liisanantti / Nordic Business Forum